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  • Beautiful Silver Paleted Clamshell with Decoupage Inlay at The Gilded Raven

    About The Gilded Raven

    Born with a vivid imagination and a highly creative spirit. I travelled down the rabbit hole with Alice, kept the Cheshire cat's smile and fell from the back of the wardrobe into Narnia. I love dark, Gothic tales, mystery and magic. Faery folk inhabit my artwork and the magician Merlin is my muse.


    I paint with oils and watercolour, draw in ink, make re-imagined furniture, Victorian lamps and curios. My imagination is as eclectic as my work.


    You can find my work displayed in Studio 10, The Buttermarket, Newark on Trent.


    I hope you enjoy.


    SuZie XXX

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    The Gilded Raven, Studio 10,

    The Buttermarket Shopping Centre,

    23 Middlegate, Newark. NG24 1BF

    07897 453064

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